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Bandsaws vs. Chainsaw Mills and Getting the Right Cut

When it comes to using a portable sawmill your choice comes down to one of two options: either a bandsaw mill or a chainsaw mill.  When considering a sawmill, you have to decide which is the best choice for your specific needs. The denser the wood, the harder it is for the blade to move.  […]

5 Things to Consider When Purchasing a Portable Sawmill

When you’re purchasing any major tool or piece of power equipment, the question is always the same:  Will the money I spend on this save me time and money in the long run? Buying a portable sawmill is no exception. So when you’re shopping for portable sawmill and stacking companies up against to each other, […]

Running Your Sawmill in the Summer Heat

It’s August, which means there is about a month of sweltering summer heat left. If you’re working outdoors with a chainsaw mill or portable sawmill, the end of the heat can’t come soon enough. However, you might be worried about running your bandmill in the summer heat too much, or maybe you’re wondering how much […]