5 Things to Consider When Purchasing a Portable Sawmill


When you’re purchasing any major tool or piece of power equipment, the question is always the same:  Will the money I spend on this save me time and money in the long run? Buying a portable sawmill is no exception.

So when you’re shopping for portable sawmill and stacking companies up against to each other, remember to consider the following.

1.              Cost: This is not as simple as who’s the cheapest. When you’re looking at costs, remember to factor in what you’re getting for your money. Always consider the next four points when you’re looking at cost.

2.              Time savings: Your (and your staff’s) time is worth a lot of money. Map out exactly what you plan to use your sawmill for. Now estimate how many man hours a portable sawmill can save you vs. your current solution.

3.              Opportunities: It’s also imNorwood LumberLite ML26 portable sawmillportant to consider that a sawmill can open up new sources of income for you. Which means more money coming in to offset the initial investment.  Consider what you want to do with the sawmill in the near and longer term.  Select a sawmill that will grow and adjust with your future plans.

4.              Reputation: Talk to people you know, find out who has had good and bad experiences with a portable sawmill and/or the sawmill manufacturer. Or look online as customer reviews are generally available on any product you can think of. The bandmill you buy shouldn’t be one that people like, it should be one that people rave about.

5.              Safety: No amount of savings is worth the risk of an unsafe product.  Be sure to do your research into the technology, engineering and safety considerations behind each sawmill you consider.  Where was the sawmill built and what are the quality of the parts used?  Again, look online to see if there have been any safety issues noted for each product you consider.

Keeping these things in mind will serve you well in your search for the sawmill that’s right for you and one that will make rather than cost you money in the long run.

Happy Shopping!


  1. I would add “user friendly” and simple to the list. After selling my fully hydraulic mill and getting a manual mill, I appreciate a machine that is simple enough that a few tools can adjust just about anything. It means that once I get the mill to the job site, I know that I’ll be cutting lumber instead of doing field repairs– or worse yet, waiting for weeks to get a replacement part. As a side bonus, fuel consumption is half of what I used to use.


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