Owning a portable sawmill can be your ticket to making a very good living.  Or you can use your sawmill to build your family’s dream home or farm.

There’s not much independent information about sawmilling and small-scale wood processing out there, so I’m trying to put together useful information that people can use to decide whether sawmilling is right for them, and if so, how to choose the sawmill best fits their needs.

I have years of experience in the sawmilling and wood processing business to draw on.  I’ve spent years working full-time with portable sawmills and have travelled all over the world to see mills made by dozens of manufacturers.  I have seen band sawmills, chainsaw sawmills and swing mills running in commercial and private operations all over the US and Canada, throughout South America and all through Europe.

I will continue to add more information to the Trees2Money website and will do my best to keep it updated.  While I have done my best to give you solid information, I am always open to new ideas and happy to get more input.  If you have any suggestions about new topics that you would like to see covered, or have new information on mills, milling or anything to do with tree harvesting or wood processing, please let me know.

Yours in Sawmilling Fellowship,

Chet Armstrong

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    IMPORTANT: We have compiled all the information in the Trees2Money website based upon information reasonably available to us at the time we assembled it. Trees 2 Money does not in any way warrant or guarantee the accuracy of this information. We encourage you to do your homework, employ safe milling, tree harvesting and wood processing practices, and follow the safety procedures recommended by the equipment manufacturers.