Running Your Sawmill in the Summer Heat


It’s August, which means there is about a month of sweltering summer heat left. If you’re working outdoors with a chainsaw mill or portable sawmill, the end of the heat can’t come soon enough.

However, you might be worried about running your bandmill in the summer heat too much, or maybe you’re wondering how much is too much? Your best bet is to speak with a knowledgeable portable sawmill dealer to find out exactly how much the engine can take. Meanwhile there are other ways to keep your sawmill working smoothly for a few more summers.

We can’t say enough about preventative maintenance. Keep your portable sawmill clean and keep it lubricated at all times – especially when you’re running it through hot summer months. The engine is going to be tortured over the summer, reward it with fresh air filters, pre-cleaner, fuel filters, oil filters and spark plugs.

Aside from that, the same heat-safety advice that works on you will probably save your portable sawmill. Start earlier in the day (if you don’t already) so you can take advantage of the relatively cooler hours. Also, be mindful of how much work your sawmill is doing based on the size of your cuts and the wood you’re working with.

Let us know if you have any other tips or tricks for getting you and your mill through the hot summer months.


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